I’m starting Parable of the Sower: A Graphic Novel Adaptation by Octavia E. Butler today because—as Kottke says:

The action in Octavia Butler’s novel The Parable of the Sower begins on July 20, 2024

Been on my list for a minute and now the timing seems fitting.

Doing the graphic novel version because that’s what was available at the library (& it’s about time I read another comic).

Finished reading: Ooga-Booga by Frederick Seidel 📚


Finished reading: Secrets from the Center of the World by Joy Harjo 📚

Finished reading: The Bear by Andrew Krivak 📚

Like if The Road was written by a nature poet.

Some Passages I Liked

I miss whom I once could touch, as all must do when we make our way through whatever fires or wood it is in which we travel or are raised.

You need to be hungry for more than food. More than sleep. We all go to sleep and will be asleep for a long time. Be hungry for what you have yet to do while you’re awake.

Her father told her once that all animals were creatures of habit and so, too, were they. The difference was she could choose to change her habits. Animals changed when they were afraid. Change before fear has had a chance to overcome you, he said, or after you have overcome it and like a storm it has moved on.

Found Poetry

Snow in late fall, fish, too, gone from the weir.

the sky beginning to pale behind him like the world itself being born

Finished reading: A Book of Uncommon Prayer by Brian Doyle 📚

Finished perusing: High on Life by David J. P. Phillips 📚

Finished reading: Hunters in the Snow by D. M. Thomas 📚

To my intense surprise and dismay I didn’t win the lottery.

When our fathers die, it’s a momentous event.

Finished reading: Mister Yam by Yeng Tan 📚

What are humans if not a collection of short stories?

What point is there in a story if it doesn’t ram our skulls into the wall we call living?

we need stories to strike us like disasters. How else would we learn?"

if we can’t find comfort in solitude, we’ll only know the anguish of loneliness.

Whiplash in Italian is ‘when the witch hits’.

How terrifying, to imagine the power of a single outcome.

Finished reading: Tokyo Decadence by R. Murakami 📚

Finished reading: Lost Animals Geoff Manaugh 👻

Agree with this

I don’t think we’re in an economy now, especially in the United States, of “oh, that would be nice to have.”

We’re very much in a you have to want it and you have to see the necessity of it.

Which makes hook rates, testing, and marketing as education more important.

via Andrew Foxwell on the Today in Digital Marketing podcast

Young consumers love brands that are cool

Since constantly innovating is at the core of what’s considered cool, brands that make sure they’re on the cutting-edge of emerging trends (even when they never fully take off) may keep getting the cool points.

This means brands like Nike & Jordan, YouTube, Fenty Beauty, TikTok.

All names with strong, unique brands and aligned with recognizable personalities.

Being on trend + a strong, unique brand + personality = the framework for brand success these days

via Future Party

I have a theory that haiku is the perfect written art form for our time, so this podcast about the benefits of shorter writing was for me.

This nugget applies beyond writing:

The more we ask for, the less likely we are to be successful .

The Ballad of the Sad Café by Carson McCullers 📚

From The Ballad of the Sad Café by Carson McCullers 📚


With all things which could be made by the hands Miss Amelia prospered.

There is a type of person who has a quality about him that sets him apart from other and more ordinary human beings. Such a person has an instinct which is usually found only in small children, an instinct to establish immediate and vital contact between himself and all things in the world.

People are never so free with themselves and so recklessly glad as when there is some possibility of commotion or calamity ahead.

All useful things have a price, and are bought only with money, as that is the way the world is run. You know without having to reason about it the price of a bale of cotton, or a quart of molasses. But no value has been put on human life; it is given to us free and taken without being paid.

remembering don’t come to a man face forward—it corners around sideways.

Found Poems

peach trees light as March clouds with their blossoms.

There was a moon, pale on the dark earth and areas of late, porous snow

Moonlight. The leg of a pretty girl. One thing after another.

But a sudden piece of glass on a sidewalk. Or a nickel tune in a music box. A shadow on a wall at night. And I would remember.

A tree. A rock. A cloud.

The most important building material we have is love

an ability previously thought to be unique to humans.

Something we should get more comfortable with hearing and expecting.

And no, this wasn’t about AI:

Recent studies have shown that bumblebees and chimpanzees can learn skills from their peers so complicated that they could never have mastered them on their own

via Tom Asacker

This site is fun.

Screenshot of A Visual Guide to the Aztec Pantheon showing a few different drawings of the gods